Job Summary:


  • Under the supervision of the Chief Plumber performs maintenance and up-keeping of the vessel's Potable Water, Technical Water, Gray Water, and Black Water systems

  • Cleaning, maintenance/repair of ancillaries components (pumps, ejectors, level switches, etc;) of Black Water collecting tanks (Evac)

  • Maintenance/repair of Gray Water collecting tanks and Black Water treatment plants ancillaries (pumps, level switches, air diffusers, etc:)

  • Respond to any call for intervention in guest and crew areas

  • Performs night beeper duties as requested by the Chief Plumber

    Responsibility and authority: He/she will be responsible for:

  • Ensure that all aspects of the company's environmental policy and procedure applicable to his job tasks are properly carried out including, but not limited to, the proper labeling of all hazardous material containers including those which may be temporarily used, the proper storage and containment of hazardous chemicals including paints and the proper application of the company's personnel protection program

  • Ensurethatchemicalsthatmaybeusedinthecleaningormaintenanceofthesystems under his care are approved by the company for use

  • Any additional duty as required by the Chief Plumber

  • Ensure that all aspects of company's OH&S are effectively applied during his/her working


    Education and Certification:

    • Valid Basic Training Certificate as per STCW 95 Regulation

    • Vocational school certification or previous experience in plumbing

    • Marlin English evaluation score of 75 or more

  • PRINCIPAL: Carnival Cuise Line
  • POSITION Plumber
  • CREATED AT: 03/02/2020
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